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Updated: Feb 4

As we head into 2024, we've been reflecting on some of the work we're most proud of from the last couple of years. We love a challenge and will happily take on everything from the colourfully bonkers to the seemingly impossible. Here are a few of our favourites.

Back in 2022 we had the pleasure of framing this Mark Wardel David Bowie mask. It was a tricky job, securing the mask by recessing it into bespoke black velvet covered plastazote foam, chosen for its chemical-free, conservation-friendly properties. This was then placed inside a custom acrylic case, with a silver skulls moulding used sideways!

Another memorable job was this Lewis Bannister limited edition smiley screenprint. Luckily for us, the customer was open to having some fun with it. We created spacers that echoed both the art and the colours in the piece, effectively extending the artwork into the framing. Finished with anti-reflective glass and a hand painted, solid ash frame, this really is a unique collector's piece.

We love a bit of Jim Moir! If you don't know that comedian Vic Reeves (real name Jim Moir) has turned his hand to art in recent years, then we don't know where you have been. For this birds colourwheel print we painted some ombre blended spacers, and ran them the opposite way around the inside of the frame for a subtle but fun twist.

Last year this 'Massive Wagons' superfan brought us a collection of signed photos, drumsticks and other memorabilia. We came up with a design layout inspired by the band's logo colours. A bit of tricky sewing with invisible thread secured the drumsticks then we were ready to rock.

We always feel humbled when people trust us with their most treasured posessions. This handfasting knot needed to be framed intact, including the labels attached by the couple's relatives wishing them good things in their partnership. A lot of thinking, measuring and sewing went into this one but we were really pleased with the result.

It's no secret that at Creative Frames we love colour. Playing with colour is a big part of the job. So when we saw the chance to do a mount with not just one or two colours but a whole rainbow, we couldn't resist. This frame celebrates the Royal Mint's 50p coin created by activist Dominique Holmes to commemorate 50 years of Pride UK. That's a good few sheets of mountboard right there!

What will you bring in?

If you have a project in mind, we'd love to hear about it. We prefer to work by appointment, so that we can give you our full attention. You can book online click here or call us on 07786 256934.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday and happy to offer out of hours appointments if you can't make it during the working day. We just don't do Mondays!

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