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How much does picture framing cost?


It's always difficult to quote wthout seeing the item you want framed, measuring up and discussing your options. It's not just about size; your choices of mount, frame and glazing all affect the final price, along with elements such as hand-painted finishes, textile stretching, and box framing for objects. The individuality of each frame means that fixed prices don't really apply. However, to give you an idea of what to expect, we've put together a few examples.  

The prices below include every element of the frame, which will be made to order, here in our Faversham workshop, and provided beautifully finished and ready to hang. Most include anti-reflective glass. If your project has a tighter budget, we can offer regular glass to reduce cost. All work is undertaken with the aim of being reversible, using high quality, acid free materials, to protect your the frame's contents over time.

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