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Meet the Artist… Jessie Cutts

We were very pleased recently to be asked to frame a large textile piece by Jessie Cutts of Cutts and Sons. We would like to introduce you to this interesting artist and her work.

Jessie creates modern, slow-stitched textiles and artwork, from her beautiful home by the sea in Ramsgate. Bringing together a long background in graphic design and illustration, and a life-long love of crafting, Jessie seeks to “elevate humble home crafts to something that can be enjoyed in a new and modern way”.

Everything she makes is done by hand, using all natural fibres, and traditional quilting techniques. Each piece is unique.

Jessie has created a number of heirloom pieces, using fabrics that hold meaning or memories for her clients. Other pieces utilise a mixture of new, up-cycled, clothing industry waste and deadstock fabrics that might otherwise be destined for landfill. All items are created with the intention of being handed on to younger siblings, friends or grandchildren; each a special piece to be treasured and shared.

When talking to Jessie you get a real feel for the pleasure she gets from taking fabrics that might otherwise be lost or wasted, and crafting them into something that is truly beautiful, but also usable, something that can become part of your everyday life; an object as loved and lived with as a favourite jumper.

Recently, she has explored further the idea of her pieces as wall art, and the large commission we framed was the first she had displayed in this way. We made a solid beech tray frame, and stretched the piece over plywood, fully lacing the back by hand so as to avoid any long term damage to the artwork that might be caused by other, less gentle methods. Like the creation of the piece itself, the framing of it was also slow and considered, and entirely human powered.

Following the success of her textile pieces, Jessie is now exploring transferring her fabric designs into print, and has just released a first edition of screenprints. These are hand-printed by a small local company, using beautifully vibrant inks on handmade cotton Khadi paper. As a result of the printing process, each one of these will also be unique.

To contact Jessie, commission a textile piece or buy a print, visit Jessie can also be found on Instagram @cuttsandsons

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