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Trees, and why we do what we do

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

For every frame we sell, we plant a tree.

At Creative Frames we believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday working. So, for every frame we sell, we will plant a tree on your behalf, via Tree-Nation. Here’s why...

A bit of background

In my various working roles through the years, I have never managed to find my way into a job where my efforts were purposefully for the wider social good, or solely focused on environmental issues, despite a frequently recurring feeling that I would have liked to.

Recently, as I transitioned careers and opened my own small business, this afforded me the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which my business could make a positive impact, by directing some of the profits to causes that invest in the future of our planet.

Why trees?

Trees balance oxygen and CO2 levels, playing a vital part in our fight against climate change. They purify water and improve air, stabilise the land, and improve soil quality. Trees provide animal habitat, as well as medicines, food, drink and employment for some of the world’s poorest communities. They improve social conditions, and mental health.

About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide, choosing partners carefully and enabling companies to select the projects they would like to contribute to. We even receive direct project updates and news from the planting teams on the ground. They also offer carbon offsetting for even the smallest of businesses, like us.

For every frame we sell, we will plant a tree.

This promise is not just about offsetting the use of trees for our solid wood frames. (Most of the frames we offer are sustainably sourced and FSC certified). It’s not just a marketing device. It is a way for us, and hopefully you too, to feel that even through small, everyday actions, we can all make a modest difference, and tread a little more lightly on the Earth.

Find out more

Visit the trees page of our website (includes further links that may be of interest)

See our virtual forest, and maybe plant a tree in it yourself at

Make an appointment

If you like our ethos, and would like to bring us something to frame, we’d be delighted to meet you! Head over to our booking page to arrange a time to pop in.

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